Canton Film Fest

72 short films / 20 filmmakers / April 26-28

Canton Film strives to recognize and support the often-overlooked creative community of Northeast Ohio by providing educational resources, networking, and opportunities to showcase the work of independent artists and filmmakers.

2013 Films

A Fish Story

Eddie McClintock is probably familiar to most as Pete Lattimer on SyFy’s Warehouse 13. McClintock, a North Canton native, has also made appearances on CBS’s The Mentalist, USA’s Fairly Legal, and ABC’s Desperate Housewives, as well as numerous other television and film roles in his 15+ year career. Besides acting, McClintock is an accomplished artist, surfer, and drummer, and he’s an excellent example of the talent that Northeast Ohio has to offer. A Fish Story is his most recent film.

A Fish Story is a film about second chances and redemption. Nick, a devoted father (portrayed by writer-producer Sam Roberts), is accidentally killed by Eddie, a man on the run (McClintock).  Nick’s restless ghost searches for answers regarding the state of his soul and his newfound status as an earthbound spirit when a chance reunion with a nearly dead Eddie allows him to inhabit his killer’s body. Can he reconnect with his family and redeem Eddie’s name before the law catches up with him?

Thirteen and 0

Dave Jingo has worked in the television and film business for over 25 years. After graduating from The Ohio State University, Dave spent eight years as an editor and technical director for the largest post-production studio in Northeast Ohio, Classic Video. Handling projects as varied as fitness infomercials, sports programming, and national commercials, Dave became Cleveland’s go-to editor. In 1999 Dave founded his own post-production company Peaksville Post, and continued to be an in-demand editor. With a specialty in Avid editing, Dave’s list of clients include the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Gladiators, PBS, CBS, Fox Sports, Mr. Coffee, Viking/Husqvarna and the Cleveland Clinic.
Dave’s talents are not limited to the edit bay; he is an accomplished producer creating programs such as the “Discover Ohio” campaign for the Ohio Department of Travel & Tourism. A project of personal pride is the 2000 post-production work Dave provided for Public Health Television that addressed health care in the inner city. This project took several years to complete culminating in an Emmy for Dave’s work on Urban Cancer Project: A Family’s Story. It was at this point that Dave’s focus shifted from corporate and commercial video to long format projects such as feature films and documentaries.
In 2011 Dave, along with his brother Bill, produced his first major documentary Thirteen and O: The Story of the 1981 Canton McKinley Bulldogs. This feature length project premiered at the Palace Theatre in Canton, Ohio in October of 2011. It has enjoyed universally positive reviews. In association with his new company, Jingo Media, Dave recently completed post production on a feature film entitled The Yank. It has been entered in both the Cannes Film Festival as well as the Galway Film Festival in Ireland where it was shot. An avid sports fan, Dave particularly enjoys working on sports related projects. He is currently working the life story of football great and activist Cookie Gilchrist. Again, working with his brother Bill, the two are collaborating on a documentary film about influential and groundbreaking Cleveland radio station “The Buzzard” WMMS.


Station wagons were America’s “workhorses on wheels.” Today, they conjure images of outdated family photos, over-sized hairdos and unfashionable wooden siding. In 2011, Volvo – the leading premium wagon manufacturer – will discontinue the sale of its last wagon model in the United States.

There are some, however, who still cling to these vehicles and what they stand for in American culture. Wagonmasters, a full-length documentary film, offers glimpses into the lives of such wagon enthusiasts, and tells the story of the station wagon as it represents a changing America over the last one hundred years.

At its heart, Wagonmasters is a film about reconnecting with America’s past as one of its most memorable chapters comes to a close.