Canton Film Fest

72 short films / 20 filmmakers / April 26-28

Canton Film strives to recognize and support the often-overlooked creative community of Northeast Ohio by providing educational resources, networking, and opportunities to showcase the work of independent artists and filmmakers.

This year, we received the highest number of submissions in the history of the Canton Film Fest! As a result, we will be screening 2017 Canton Film Fest Category Submission films at the following locations:


Ø  Canton Palace Theatre

605 Market Avenue, N

Canton, Ohio 44702

(1,489 seats, $5 admission)




Ø  The Hub Art Gallery

336 6th Street, NW

Canton, Ohio 44702

(50 seats, Free admission)



Ø  Stark County District Library – Main Branch 

In the Innovation Center

715 Market Avenue, N

Canton, Ohio 44702

(50 seats, Free admission)


Films will show on Thursday, April 27 at the Canton Palace Theatre only, Friday, April 28 at the Canton Palace Theatre and The Hub Art Gallery and Saturday, April 29 at the Canton Palace Theatre and in the Innovation Center (2nd Floor) at the Stark County District Library. PLEASE NOTE SUBMISSION FILMS WILL PLAY IN THE SUBMISSION BLOCK BUT NOT NECESSARILY IN THE ORDER THEY ARE LISTED.


Thursday April 27, 2017

Showing at the Canton Palace Theatre

6:30pm               Stark Color Picture Prize


                                                Sleeping in the Jungle

                                                Shipping Home

7:30pm              Feature Film: Safety Net

                                                Post Screening Q&A with Andrew Rudd

8:30pm              Feature Film: Romeo is Bleeding

                                                Post Screening Q&A with Donte Clark


Friday April 28, 2017

Showing at the Canton Palace Theatre

6:30pm              Documentary Category Submissions


Ø  True Story of Warren City Schools

Ø  4 to 5

Ø  The Making of Expedition Alaska

Ø  blight

Ø  No Cussing, Mr. Sako!

Ø  Every Ghost Has an Orchestra


7:30pm              Feature Film:  Contract: Redemption

                                                Post Screening Q&A with Jeremy Andrew Davis

8:30pm              Feature Film: Traficant

                                                Post Screening Q&A with Eric Murphy

8:45pm              Various Category Submissions ***Showing at The HUB Art Gallery***



Ø  Destroy Madrid

Ø  What the hell!

Ø  Vacancy

Ø  The Last Thing You Need

Ø  Daughter of the lake


Ø  Kaadal Maane

Ø  Nellys Lucky Number - Lanidiga

Ø  Ningun Vals

Ø  Frenemy

Ø  Forty Miles to Macon

Ø  Still Shaving After All These Beers

Ø  Rain in Sahara - Black Water




Saturday April 29, 2017

12:00pm           Horror Category and Action/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Category Submissions

***Showing at the Canton Palace Theatre***



Ø  Dream Come True

Ø  Vida Muertos

Ø  A Game of Chess

Ø  Snatched the re-birth

Ø  Unforgiveable

Ø  Double Date

Ø  Vessel

Ø  The Creature of Stark Hills

Ø  Death-ish

Ø  Elly


12:00pm           Various Category Submissions

*** Showing at the Stark County District Library – Main Branch - Showing in the Innovation Center (2nd Floor)***


Ø  I'm Here

Ø  Jawn And The Dragon

Ø  Leave Me to Dream

Ø  Bag

Ø  Guilty Psychosis

Ø  Killer Dreams

Ø  Merlot

Ø  Numb

Ø  Plain

Ø  Eberling

Ø  Mullen



***The remaining schedule of films and category submissions will all be shown at the

Canton Palace Theatre - 605 Market Avenue, N – Canton, Ohio 44702***


2:00pm              Kent State University Audio Engineer for Video Production

2:30pm              Fictional Film Category and Music Video Category Submissions


Ø  The Silver Watch

Ø  Last Kiss

Ø  Where Are You

Ø  The Adventures of Lucy

Ø  To Your Liking?

Ø  Ghosts of New York

Ø  The D in Dating

Ø  Rekindled

Ø  Carcass

Ø  Mr. Chavan

Ø  Paul Johnson & The About Last Nights "Burn It Down

Ø  In Paracetamol We Trust - Dubeine

Ø  Falling Down

Ø  Bringing Down the House

Ø  Oly. - "Growing Young"

Ø  Another Song



4:30pm               Feature Film: The Long Road to the Hall of Fame

                                                Post Screening Q&A with Janol "Mecca" Holmes

6:00pm              Feature Film: Sink or Swim

                                                Post Screening Q&A with Michael Cameneti

6:30pm              Feature Film: The Seeker

                                                Post Screening Q&A with Jeff Johnson

8:00pm              Feature Film:  A More Civil War

                                                Post Screening Q&A with Geoff Yaw

Category Winners will be announced after the last Q & A


Canton Palace Theatre

330-454-8172 | 605 Market Avenue North, Canton OH 44702