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Canton Film 2014 Guest: Alex Sheen

In 2012, Alex Sheen had a simple idea: to encourage people to write promises they meant to keep on note cards in order to make these promises concrete. He started a Facebook page, hoping the idea would catch on and a few people might follow his lead. This idea became the because I said I would.movement, inspiring over a million promises in 105 countries.

Realizing that the movement had become an important part in changing people's lives (and, in some cases, saving them) Sheen eventually quit his job as Corporate Strategy Lead at Hyland Software in Cleveland to devote more time on because I said I would. full time, speaking about the movement, fulfilling his own promises, and inspiring others to make the world better, one note card at a time. He continues to help others find the strength that they didn't even know they had to keep true to their words and to their commitments to themselves and others.

On Friday, October 3rd, at 5:30PM, Alex Sheen will speak as a guest speaker at the Canton Film Festival 2014. It's a free event, as are all of Friday's events, so come on out and be inspired!

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