Canton Film Fest

72 short films / 20 filmmakers / April 26-28

Canton Film strives to recognize and support the often-overlooked creative community of Northeast Ohio by providing educational resources, networking, and opportunities to showcase the work of independent artists and filmmakers.

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Sponsor Shout-Out: Akron Canton Airport

Since 1948, the Akron-Canton Airport has offered flights across the country. Its convenient location, in North Canton, plus the fact that it has the lowest average fare in Ohio, have brought almost 1.8 million passengers each year to their favorite destinations.  As part of the airport's CAK 2018 plan, it will be expanded to include fights to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada.

Canton Film is proud to have the Akron-Canton Airport as a sponsor. The Akron-Canton Airport has offered up 4 $100 vouchers for Southwest Airlines, to be given to lucky members of our audience at this year's Canton Film Festival! Watch this space for more details!

Visit the Akron-Canton Airport's website