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Canton Film Festival Guest: Jeremy Andrew Davis

If you haven't noticed, popular culture and what often gets lumped together as geek culture (You know: Comics, Video Games, Sci-Fi, etc., )have merged in ways that were almost unthinkable even 25 years ago. Sure, everyone loved Tim Burton's Batman, but it's hard to watch today without recognizing just how campy, how ironic the whole thing was. And video game movies were right out. Just look at Super Mario Brothers or Double Dragon, and you'll remember a time where comics, video games, and the like were forced to sit at the kids' table.

Of course, we take these things much more seriously now, which is why Canton Film Fest is excited to show highlights of Writer/Director/Producer Jeremy Andrew Davis' upcoming fan-film, Contract: Redemption, inspired by the Hitman series of video games.  Davis' company, Wildfire Media Studios LTD, along with Ryan Galbraith and Jacob Keeton of Arc Film Initiative, have taken great care ensure that they aren't stepping on any copyright or trademark toes, but also that they don't compromise the story. The result is an action-packed tale of, well, redemption!

Partially filmed in Canton, Contract: Redemption tells the tale of an assassin who tries to save a young woman from the same life he lived. Hot on his tail is another assassin: a younger, genetically enhanced clone of himself! We won't spoil any more of it than that. Join us on Saturday, October 4th, when Jeremy Andrew Davis, Ryan Galbraith, and Jacob Keeton will discuss how they made an epic action movie locally for under $5,000. It should be a very informative and inspirational for filmmakers and fans alike!

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