Canton Film Fest

72 short films / 20 filmmakers / April 26-28

Canton Film strives to recognize and support the often-overlooked creative community of Northeast Ohio by providing educational resources, networking, and opportunities to showcase the work of independent artists and filmmakers.

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Sponsor Shout-out: Kent State University

As you may know, an event like the Canton Film Festival takes a lot of hard work to put together, and not just the work of Canton Film and the guests & filmmakers featured in the Festival. The Festival couldn't happen without its sponsors. This week, we'd like to take a little time to talk a little but about each of our sponsors (in no particular order).

One of Canton Film Festival's long-time sponsors has been Kent State University. Kent State University has been an important part of North East Ohio since 1910. Through the years, many of the artists, writers, and musicians who have shaped American culture have studied at Kent State, including Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, actor/talk show host Arsenio Hall, writer David Sedaris, and Canton Film Festival Guest Brannon Braga. 

In 1946, Kent State opened its satellite Stark Campus, serving the needs of the greater Canton area. According to its website, this campus "offers 18 bachelor’s, four master’s, three associate degrees and several minors, as well as the opportunity to begin coursework in the more than 250 bachelor’s degrees at Kent State University." Kent State, as well as its Stark Campus, is a huge part of North East Ohio's educational landscape.

The Canton Film Festival is proud to have Kent State as a Sponsor!

Visit Kent State University's website

Visit Kent State's Stark Campus website